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Welcome to my dear friend, connoisseur of beauty, novice, or esteemed artist! We are non for profit project launched with the goal of popularizing painting art among the public and satisfying the urge for beauty. Any person can understand the language of beauty, admire endless variety of colors and images of this world, strive for harmony of shapes, feel the pulsing of life. A creatively painted artwork is a window into the world of non-stop stream of reality or fantasy, professionally created by the artist. From time to time, looking at the painting, you may hear special color voices that reveal the feelings and impressions that the artist conveyed in his work. Beauty awakens in us the feelings of empathy, flight condition and happiness.

For most people primeval and modern painting is an opportunity to relax, immerse into the inner you after the work day or the chance to think about life in contemplative mood, relive wonderful and beautiful moments in your life, enjoy a beautiful image or feel the warmth of the sun. In any case, a beautiful painting is a whole world. Many people after looking through the pages of our website decide to visit museums and galleries in the U.S. to see the most renowned paintings with their own eyes and get charged with positive emotions.

Painting is a fascinating and constructive process. Purchasing paintings is also a fascinating experience that broadens the outlook. By the way, the purchase of paintings can become a sound investment as well. Is a painting an item of luxury or a necessary element of any interior? What are paintings needed for? How to explain why paintings have been decorating the homes for centuries? It is beautiful details that make our home cozy and nice. Paintings add meaning and inspiration to the interior, making it whole and alive. A finishing touch, paintings speak about the home and those who live in it. With this in mind, it is important to choose them right. A painting is a unique gift even for the artists, a gift that speaks right to the soul of the person and evokes positive emotions.

We will also tell you about such modern art style as street art and its role in the modern world. Today the attitude to forms of street art differs from how people perceived it 10, 20 and even 50 years ago. As before, graffiti, a controversial form of street art, viewed by many people as vandalism, is the biggest part of it. Other forms of street art include posters (not for commerce), stencils, various sculptural installations, etc. The artist creates his own stylized sign and depicts it on the city landscape areas. The goal of the artist is to involve people in the dialogue and show different theme related images.

We strive to make visiting our site interesting and educational for an art enthusiast, beginner artist and experienced artist as well. We choose for you the most interesting themes that help evoke positive emotions. The most popular of them are interpreting abstract art, color theory for painting, painting supplies for beginners, most expensive American artists, and more.

We are happy that you have found our site in the global Internet space and hope that you will find lots of new interesting information there!

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