Gifts Ideas for Artists

You may be looking for a gift for an artist friend in your life so here is a collection of ideas for art and painting related gifts.

Artisans Gallery - a Portable Creativity Kit

Portable Creativity Kit

This is a travel set of watercolor paints; a water brush, a pencil or pen, a pocket sketchbook and the artist in your life can now be created anywhere and everywhere.

Artisans Gallery - Painter's Brushes

New Brush or Three

Buying an artist a new brush as a present may seem practical and unoriginal. But for someone who doesn't deduct their art materials as tax expenses, it's an extremely useful present.

If you don't know whether they are painting with oils or acrylics, buy a brush that can work for both. Try to sneak a peek at what shape brush they tend to use and buy something different. Their main options such as round, flat and filbert.

If they use watercolor, a mop brush is a good choice.

Plus, finding a good set of quality brushes is quite easy. And you donít even need to check special art stores. You can find a nice selection of basic art supplies at popular national retailers like Target, for example. You can also get a discount on your purchase if you use coupons for Target during the checkout.

Artisans Gallery - Painting Knives

Alternative to a Brush: a Painting Knife

Painting with a knife is quite a different experience versus painting with a brush. You can produce a range of different marks, and it feels very different in your hand, a bit like spreading jam with a really springy knife. If you've never tried one go for a midsize painting knife with a flat top and a sharp point on the corner because this enables you to create large areas of color and small details.

Artisans Gallery - Watercolor Mediums

Mediums to Change Watercolor

You can make watercolor paints do more by adding a watercolor medium. Granulation medium changes watercolor from smooth color to grainy color. Iridescent medium add sparkle or glitter and can be mixed in paint or painted over the top. Texture medium, adds texture and can be used straight onto the paper are mixed in with watercolor paint.

Artisans Gallery - Slow Drying Acrylics

Slow Drying Acrylics

Many brands claim their uniqueness about this range of acrylics, which is that they dry slowly. This means either a working time to oil paints without the downsides of dealing with turpentine and oil mediums.

Artisans Gallery - Paints Organizing Box

Paints Organizing Box

You may prefer a storage container that allows you to organize and sort your paints or art materials so go for one that folds out with multiple trays. Just make sure when it's full you are able to pick it up and it's not too heavy.

Artisans Gallery - Travel Brush Set

Travel Brush Set

Travel brushes allow you to take your precious anywhere and don't take up too much space. The handle comes apart and slips over the brush bristles to protect them. They're perfect for workshops on holidays or for painting on location.

Artisans Gallery - Paint Storage Box

Paint Storage Box

There are many things more useful than a hold everything container for keeping all art materials together. Find one that will take paints, brushes, a small paper pallet, a sketchbook, a cloth, and water bottle.

Artisans Gallery - Small Book Light

Art Journal/Sketchbook Light

A small book is perfect for working in your art journal or sketchbook at night when you don't want the light to disturb someone else. A book light can clip to the side of the pages and most run on batteries, some are even rechargeable.


Any artist is sure to appreciate getting a pair of wireless Bluetooth speakers for the studio. Sometimes some good music is all that a creative personality needs to get inspired.

A quality apron

Having an extra clean and stylish apron is always handy. Even though an apron seems to be quite an obvious and predictable gift, it would still be a perfect gift for those artists who love practical gifts.


The Color Wheel

Artists who prefer working with color are sure to admire these adorable color wheels that come in a variety of shapes and styles. From necklaces and umbrellas to jigsaw puzzles and wall art, a huge selection of options available canít but impress.