Modern Painting Styles

The Top 10 Modern Painting Styles

A breathtaking piece of art has the ability to bring ambiance to one's office, reception area, living room, or even bedroom. Art is subjected to the eye of the beholder's perspective beauty, so different styles of paintings can provoke different thoughts in different people. More often than not, a painting's value is ranked upon how well it is able to perform as a conversational piece with clients or guests. Art holds the power to open up your mind, stir your emotions and allows new perspectives to enter in. Not only can art set the tone of a room but it can also serve as a major investment into your home's resale value. If you are interested in buying a modern art painting then read on below to gain knowledge of the top ten modern painting styles. After all, you should never invest in a piece of art without doing your research first.

Modern Art emerged from the 1860s as a rebellion to the rigid Traditional French Style of painting the institutions were teaching during this era. The modern style of painting encourages the artist to break out of the realm of realism and tradition. Instead one should explore a wide array of mediums and materials while utilizing the methods of modern styled painting. A list of the top ten most recognized modern painting styles is to follow...

10. Abstract Art

Artisans Gallery - Abstract Painting

In short Abstract Art can be described as a style of painting that does not reference any semblance of figurative reality. Shapes and colors are utilized to express emotions, while all subjects are reduced down to their simplest forms. Because Abstract Art is truly subjected to the artist's inner world there are several forms of abstract art that have come forth from this movement such as cubism, abstract expressionism, lyrical abstraction and color field to name a few.

9. Surrealism

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Surrealism promotes painting from the subconscious realm of life. This style of modern painting can be very startling as you view the various subjects that have been connected together with no obvious relation to the other. Surrealism paintings tend to hold an illogical dream like quality. Toyen, Salvador Dali, Miro, Valentine Hugo, and Max Ernst are all very highly regarded and sought after surrealist painters.

8. Conceptual Art

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The modern style of Conceptual art is comprised of the thought that as the artists begins the piece, it is truly finished by the viewer. Conceptual artists firmly believe that the piece's concept is far more important than the presented artwork at hand. It is also not uncommon for a set of instructions to be included with a piece of conceptional art. However, it is uncommon for a piece of conceptual art to come in the form of a single painting as conceptional art relates to combining sculptural as well as installation elements into each piece. Yoko Ono, Robert Rauschenberg, Yves Klein, and Marcel DuChamp are all very well known and respected conceptual artists.

7. Pop Art

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Pop Art emerged during the 1950s as a rebellion to abstract expressionism. Several British artists thought that abstract art was beginning to be far too removed from realism and everyday life. So Pop Art instead explored popular icons such as celebrities, comic books, advertisements and other subjects found in daily life. It was a way for these artists to return to a filtered representation of realism without completely falling back into the mundane tradition. Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Way Thiebaud, and Tom Wesselmann are a few of the prominent Pop Artists of their time.

6. Photorealism

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Photorealism is a style of modern art where the artist recreates a portrait into a photorealist painting. The definition of a photorealist painting is a painting that has been recreated to look as realistic as the original photograph it has been procreated from. The art movement of Photorealism coincides with that of the pop art rebellion as it was born from a reaction to combat abstract expressionism. Unlike other methods of modern styled painting, Photorealism must be created by an artist who possesses the knowledge of highly advanced technical ability as it is very difficult to recreate the realism of a photograph perfectly. Tom Blackwell, Glennray Tutor, Cindy Wright, Robert Bechtle, and Don Eddy are a few of the most popular Photorealism artists.

5. Hyperrealism

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Hyperrealism is one step past Photorealism. Hyperrealism utilizes professional level high resolution cameras to capture the photographs they will later appear on canvas. What makes Hyperrealism different from Photorealism is that over exaggerated shadows and lifelikeness inanimate objects are utilized to create a falsely advanced reality. Artist who paint in the style of Hyperrealism paint exaggerative qualities into their photos that would not normally be present. Robert Bechtle, Bert Monroy, Charles Bell, Duane Hanson, and Richard Estes are all famous Hyperrealism artists.

4. Minimalism

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The style of Minimalism is just as the name sounds, a simplistic method of painting. Minimalist painters only paint what is necessary to the core essence of the painting and its subject. Piet Mondrian, Barnett Newman, Frank Stellas, and Kazimir Malevich are all popular Minimalist painters.

3. Futurism

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The painting style of Futurism is hyperfocused on the subjects of technology, violence, and speed in relation to the world's future. Futurism painters tend to reject the idea of establishment and instead praise the idea of originality. In order to portray this extreme level of dynamic emotion through a canvas, futurist painters incorporate the style of cubism to break down their subjects into geometric patterns and figures which create the illusion of movement. Gerardo Dottori, Aristarkh Lentulov, Fortunato Depero, and David Burlyuk are a few of the most recognized Futurism artists.

2. Impressionism

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Originating in Paris, France, Impressionism, was one of the first modern painting styles to emerge. Thin brushstrokes are utilized to emphasis detail and depictions of light within the impressionist style of painting. Impressionism artists typically paint their subjects outdoors to capture a plethora of colors and sunlight. During the 1870s, Impressionist painters were highly criticized for not painting by the rules. Even so, famous impressionist painters such as Pierre Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Armand Guillaumin, and Camille Pissarro continued to paint in this style anyways.

1. Fauvism

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Soon after impressionism, the Fauvism movement emerged. Unlike impressionism, Fauvism loses almost all semblance of realistic representation of its subjects and mainly focuses on the use of strong color palettes. Wild brush strokes and bold colors are utilized to paint overly simplified subjects in the realm of Fauvism. Andre Derain, Maurice Marinot, Charles Camoin, and Henri Matisse are all highly regarded Fauvism painters.