The Best Street Art

Where to View the Best Street Art

Street Art has been utilized worldwide as a method of beautification. Although not all street art is legal, it has caused a stir throughout the world and many people have become drawn to the 'street art' movement. Street art has even increased tourist populations, as it acts as a medium for storytelling a country's culture silently. As the street art popularity rises, more and more cities across the globe are welcoming artists to paint on their walls and lay statutes around their streets. Read on below for a list of cities featuring some of the most popular street art available.

- London, UK

Artisans Gallery - London, UK Street Art

London offers a wide variety of street art forms that can be viewed for free. London's street art varies from massive murals painted on the walls of buildings to elaborately carved statues. Recently, Trafalgar Square hosted a big unveiling of their newest statue featuring a giant blue rooster.

- Mexico City

Artisans Gallery - Mexico City Street Art

Mexico City's history is largely displayed by public murals strew throughout its streets. These massive pieces of art have been a part of the cities walls for several years. However, a new project known as ‘All City Canvas' has just painted even more color onto the city. This legal beautification of Mexico city's streets called in nine artists, local and abroad, to paint and restore the buildings to their current lively conditions.

- Lisbon, Portugal

Artisans Gallery - Lisbon, Portugal Street Art

As an effort to keep the city from falling into pieces, the city of Libson created a street art movement known as the 'Crono Project'. The Crono Project consisted of commissioning numerous artists to paint on weathered down, neglected, and povertised buildings. During 2011, the city held an exhibition to invite art lovers and city dwellers alike to view the new body of artwork.

- Bogota, Colombia

Artisans Gallery - Bogota, Colombia Street Art

The streets of Columbia are currently filled with vividly painted wall murals and it is truly a sight to see. A famous street artist who goes by the name of CRISP, arrived in colombia a few years prior and left a few hidden gems of art. For a short while, the artist even offered tours throughout the city showing several pieces of street art such as the hidden gems he left. The tours were favored due to artist's extremely informational commentary which told the history of the city.

- Valparaiso, Chile

Artisans Gallery - Valparaiso, Chile Street Art

Valparaiso is well known for its vast collection of street art. Tourist tend to frequent the neighborhoods throughout the hillside of Cerro Concepcion and Cerro Alegre because they are the safest. This Chilean art is unique because its large bodies of work are mostly made up of modern art.

- New York City, US

Artisans Gallery - New York City, US Street Art

New York City is chock full of culture, history and art; street art are being no exception. Presently, the area of Bushwick in Brooklyn is showing great promise in the street art movement. Artists known by the names of Banksy and Buff Monster are two of the many that can be viewed on the walls of New York City.

- Melbourne, Australia

Artisans Gallery - Melbourne, Australia Street Art

New York has largely influenced the street art culture found within Australia, which began back in the 1970s. Since street art has only gained more popularity and thousands of tourists flock to see it each year.

- Paris, France

Artisans Gallery - Paris, France Street Art

The street art found within Paris is special because it speaks of the city's history. The monumental street art collection found within the city is one of its most beautiful sights in the world.

- Berlin, Germany

Artisans Gallery - Berlin, Germany Street Art

In Berlin a group known as the Mentalgassi is responsible for creating its large body of street art. The groups is most popularly recognized by its oddly yet strategically placed oversized faces on the walls the city's buildings.

- Santiago, Chile

Artisans Gallery - Santiago, Chile Street Art

The area of Santiago within Chile is rich in street art culture. Local guides offer several tours to lead you across the region to some of the most remarkable street art. One of the highest ranked tours is URBN STGO.

- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Artisans Gallery - Buenos Aires, Argentina Street Art

Buenos Aires offers a large collection of street art to view including several sculptures. Each year more and more art is collected on the city's wall and streets. This year may pieces depicted the World Cup games.

- Cape Town, South Africa

Artisans Gallery - Cape Town, South Africa Street Art

Street art is no stranger to the region of Cape Town as it is home to some of the most intricately painted pieces of artwork. In Cape Town street art is known solely as art and is never considered graffiti! Artist are encouraged to display their work and viewers come from all over the globe to view it for free.

- Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Artisans Gallery - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Street Art

Street art was utilized as a form of city beautification throughout the streets of Rio De Janeiro in hopes to reduce crime in its neighborhoods. The walls of Rio have truly been transformed and the streets welcome tourists of all ages.